The mission of this preschool is to provide a happy, healthy, wholesome and safe learning experience for preschoolers.  The emphasis is on the importance of fostering good relationships, promoting healthy attitudes, developing self-confidence and a sense of independence.  Through the presence of a warm and accepting climate and the use of informal centers of interest, we hope to achieve these goals and help to prepare your child for the formal school years to come.


Social Skills: Teaching proper attitudes and values such as honesty, sharingand caring.

 Self-Confidence: Instilling a positive attitude towards self.

 Social Interaction: Relating on a day-to-day basis with other children and adults, with an emphasis on good manners.

 Communication Skills: Vocabulary development; usage, expression and listening skills.

 Motor Skills: Gross and fine motor skills

 Safety and Hygiene: Awareness of possible dangers to self and how to react in certain situations. Teaching the importance of proper health and hygiene habits.

 Religion: Awareness of God’s creations and love.  Special holiday celebrations.


We recognize that these are very important years in your child’s social, emotional and physical develop.  Our program is based on the concept that each child should be provided with:


Opportunity: For curiosity, exploration, discovery and to develop intellectual and emotional growth.

Encouragement: Of creative ideas to be expressed through creative activities and language arts.


Confidence: To develop a healthy self-image and growth in independence, important steps in self reliancegroup.

Participation: To learn a share trust with others outside the family unit. Courteous cooperation with others.