Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday -- 9:30 -- 11:30 September - December Increasing to 12:30 December - June.

               Your child will be discovering many things about himself/herself and the world around him/her. As their mobility increases, they will learn to be more independent. Hearing from your child “Mine, “Me” and “No” reflects this new found independence.

              Through this program we will encourage exploration and independence by providing a safe and interesting environment. Children learn through sensory stimulation – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. By providing plenty of opportunities and hands on learning experiences, some or all of these will be used. You can enjoy and appreciate the emerging wonders of your independent little person.

              The children will be in a safe and secure environment with skilled and caring people that your child can trust and this will stimulate learning. A child needs respect guidance and love. Children learn by imitation, repetition and interaction with others.

              Young children interact very little with each other. As they grow “older” they begin to interact usually with one child at a time.

This will be encouraged through small group play and eventually large group play and games. This program will provide a solid foundation for their future school experiences.

              The program will consist of playtime, stories, crafts, snack and explorations of many mediums appropriate for their age. Teaching cooperative play, learning classroom routine and hands on activities will be stressed. We will courage sharing and learning to be friends. Sense of self, others and the environment around them will be incorporated into the program.           

              Children need not be toilet trained.